Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hex Bugs

My new favorite toy right now are these Hex bugs.  I had never heard of these until me and Mommy went to visit her friend Jodi and her boys had some.  I fell in love with them.  Mommy had bought me a few bugs, but today Daddy took me to Walmart and we bought a habitat for the bugs to roam around in.  Here I am walking back to the car so happy about my new toy!

The bugs are in my hand on the left
How cool is this!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Pawpaw

Today is my Pawpaw's birthday.  Hope you have a wonderful day!  Sorry we can not be there with you to celebrate.  Sending birthday hugs your way from Raleigh.  I love you!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mommy and Daddy's Ski Trip

Mommy and Daddy left me in Winston-Salem with Mawmaw and Pawpaw (this was Mommy's first time leaving me overnight) last night and they drove up to Winter Place Ski Resort in West Virginia.  Mommy and Daddy love to ski and look forward to taking me next winter.  They had a great time skiing, but they said they missed me and I missed them too although it was tons of fun playing with Mawmaw and Pawpaw.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canes Hockey Game

I was FINALLY able to go with Mommy and Daddy to a Hurricanes game.  I usually have to stay home and Memaw and Pawpaw come over and play with me while Mommy and Daddy go to the game.  But tonight it's my turn to go and I even got to wear my Canes jersey!  We played the Winnipeg Jets and lost 4-3, but it was a good game!  I did great during the game, but I did a lot of switching back and forth between Mommy and Daddy's lap.  My favorite part was every time I got to see Stormy, the mascot!  That guy is so silly!  Uncle Skip, Aunt Trisha and Jarrett happened to be at the game too!  I hope Mommy and Daddy take me back again soon!

Loving the popcorn

Canes Game

Listening to the players being introduced.

Running around between periods

This is what you get when I have to sit still for long  periods of time.  I NEED to run around for a bit so Mommy found a place for me to do just that while in between periods of the hockey game.  This is when we met up with Uncle Skip, Aunt Trisha and Jarrett.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today we got our first little snow of the year.  It didn't snow that long, but it came down fast.  Mommy got me all dressed from head to toe to head out and check out the snow.  I really didn't know what to think of it.  It was pretty cold on my hands, but I didn't want to keep my gloves on (I'm not a fan of those).  Daddy wanted me to use my penguin sled that Santa left me, but I didn't want to use that either.  I really only wanted to walk around and explore things.  I've decided that I like the no (that's my word for snow)!

Catching Snowflakes

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  Mommy bought two shirts for me to wear this year so I wore one on the day before Valentine's and the other the day after Valentine's.  I have been telling Daddy that Mommy is MY Valentine, but he keeps saying that she is his Valentine.  Guess we will wait and see who she gives kisses to first!

Friday, February 8, 2013

My First Hex Bugs

Today Mommy took me to Target and I got my first Hex Bugs!  I LOVE them!  They are so cool!  They freak Mommy out if they get off their track onto the floor because they look like real roaches crawling across the floor!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Today Mommy took me to my second visit dentist.  Dr. Hicks said everything was looking good, but that I really needed to stop using my paci.  This makes me super sad.  Mommy only lets me have it when I sleep already and it has to stay in my crib.  Lets hope Mommy doesn't remember Dr. Hicks telling her that.  He also said I had all my teeth except my last molars.  Mommy said we will go back in 6 months.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Guys Night

Tonight me and Daddy had a guys night.  Mommy had to go to school and work at the Mother/Son event.  I wanted her to take me, but she said I was still a little to small to go.  That's ok because me and Daddy had a fun time together.  We did LOTS of playing with my toys, I learned how to get my own water out of the refrigerator and we ordered pizza!  I love pita (that is what I call pizza).  It was a super fun night, but we missed Mommy.

Bye Bye Mommy
Relaxing on my Mickey couch after
getting my belly full of pizza