Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tarheels or Wolfpack

My mommy and daddy are BIG fans of all sports...especially football, hockey, and basketball! A few Saturdays ago was a big rivalry football game between two of their favorite teams. I of course slept through the game, but mommy dressed me so that I could cheer for both teams. I thought I rocked the outfit and hat!!! What do you think?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My First Thanksgiving

Since I decided to surprise everyone and enter the world early, I got to experience Thanksgiving! Mommy and Mawmaw went out shopping to find me a new outfit to wear, but everything was sold out. All they could find was a bib which was HUGE on me!!! Thank goodness that I only had to wear it for pictures because it swallowed me whole!

My daddy and Mawmaw fixed lunch/dinner for everyone, but I did not get to eat any of it. They all said it was super yummy! While they were cooking all morning, I got to hang out with my Pawpaw, Uncle Kory, and Aunt Kori. We all had great snuggle time together. Mawmaw even gave me some of her sugars!

I'm looking forward to next Thanksgiving when I will be walking around and acting like a turkey! Hope you all had a good Turkey Day!

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I get to go home

I have enjoyed my stay, but it is time to go. I have tested all the tanning beds in the Hospital and mommy and daddy have slept in all types of rooms, beds, and chairs. I feel better and my pumpkin face has turned to a normal color.

It was a fun ride home and I really enjoyed my safe and comfy car seat. I missed most of the scenery, but I got in a good nap on the ride. Once we finally got home mommy had to take me on a tour. I didn't have the heart to tell her I remembered everything from my time in her belly.

My first night at home was good, but I don't think mommy and daddy slept much. I really like my bassinet that Uncle Mike got me and I also sleep real good in the pack-n-play that mommy's college friends got me. Although I was able to leave all the tanning lights at the hospital, I did have to wear a bili-blanket while at home for a few days. These bright lights are suppose to help my bilirubin count go down. I really did not mind wearing it, but it was much easier to snuggle with mommy and daddy with it off!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I gave my mommy and daddy their biggest surprise on Saturday morning around 5:00am! I started my plan to get out of mommy's tummy by breaking her water. I had been hearing about a party that was planned a little later on that day and I did not want to miss out on all the fun! After talking with the doctor my mommy, daddy, mawmaw, pawpaw, mawmaw Deck, and aunt Susan all headed to the hospital. Mommy did really good with all the pain I was causing her and I was born at 5:55pm on Saturday November 6th. I weighed 5 lbs & .04 oz and was 19 inches long.

I decided to enter the world 5 1/2 weeks early. Since I was so early the doctors and nurses had the NICU doctors in the room to check me out. At first everything seemed fine, but I ended up going to the NICU after 45 minutes in the newborn nursery. I was having trouble inflating my lungs fully and I had jaundice. Check out all the pics of my stay in the NICU. I was there for 9 whole days and met lots of really nice nurses that looked after me. It was really hard on mommy and daddy while I was in the NICU because they never went home. They stayed by my side the entire time rooting me on to get well so we could go home together as a family.