Sunday, July 31, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pawpaw's Retirement

Yesterday me and Mommy came to Winston to celebrate Pawpaw retiring. He has worked for the Sheriff's Department for 23 years. We all went to a breakfast to honor him Friday morning. Everyone was able to make it except Uncle Kory and Uncle Kent because they both had to work.

These pictures were all taken while we were in jail!!! Hahaha!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So tonight I finally figured out this whole crawling thing...well kind of. I am staying low to the ground like an army soldier and moving right along. Mommy and Daddy were so shocked and excited at the same time once I started moving all around the floor. I am now officially into everything that is low on shelves and tables. Ohhhh - the fun I plan to have!!!


I love playing peek-a-boo and last night I realized how to play it while in my crib. Of course Mommy had to get it on video!


Over this past weekend, Mommy and Daddy pulled out this super cool shopping cart cover that allows me to sit in the cart while they shop(well Mommy shops while Daddy walks around)! I LOVE it! It is soooo much better than sitting in the hot car seat all the time! I looked around at everyone and smiled at them too! Of course our first adventure out was to Target - my Mommy LOVES that store! I look like such a big boy sitting up here!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here is my cousin Sophie. I think she is so cute!!! I love her big blue eyes!

Black and White

Daddy took this picture yesterday and then made a few changes to make it look so cool! I think it makes me look older! What do you think?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Got the Giggles

I got a bad cases of the giggles in this video!

This video was taken July 24th

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Cute

Mommy and Daddy put this hat on me while we were out shopping a few weeks ago. I wish they would have bought it for me, but they didn't. How cute am I!!! I told Mommy I am ready for her to take me to a Kenny Chesney concert!!!!

This is how I move

Mommy took this video yesterday to show you all how much I move around and just how much I get in to!

This video was taken on July 23rd


My hair has been growing a lot lately! I wanted to show everyone how much hair I really have. When I take my bath and it gets wet you can really see!


Mommy does a lot of laundry (because I spit up so much). She always lets me help her with the clothes. My favorite part is to sit and watch the dryer! That thing is so cool!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sitting Up and Playing

Here is a video of me playing while sitting up. It is so different to play with my toys while sitting up instead of laying down. Pretty cool!!! You can also hear me trying to talk with my sounds a little. I usually stop making sounds as soon as Mommy brings out the camera.

Video was taken on July 21st

8 Month Birthday

Here are my new accomplishments since turning 8 months old:

*I can sit up now! I am getting better at pulling myself back up if I lose my balance, but sometimes I still fall.
*I am just now starting to bring my knees under me to scoot a little. I don't do this all the time though. When I do, it is usually only one knee and only one time.
*I roll ALL the time! I find a toy that I want and I roll to get there! I am really good at it too!
*I am able to grab toys even when I can not see them. My peripheral vision is awesome!
*When I am on my belly I like to kick my legs and arms - it looks like I am trying to swim.
*I can move around in a complete circle while on my belly.
*I can now play peek-a-boo all by myself.
*I like to hold my bottle when there is not much milk left in it. I actually like to hold it from the bottom
*I am still drinking 6 oz of milk and get to eat solids for breakfast and dinner.
*My favorites are mango's and peaches.
*I get very jealous when other people are eating and I can not.
*I still do not have any teeth yet, but I LOVE to gnaw on everything I put my hands on.
*I have become more vocal. I am making the sounds of 'b', 'ba', 'bu', 'd', 'ha', 'hi', 'hu', 'm', 'a', and 'u'. I do not know I am making the sounds - I just do it.
*I LOVE to laugh and smile.
*I am generally a really happy baby unless I am hungry or fighting sleep and tired.
*My eyes are still changing color - light brown with a little green.
*My hair has really started to grow. It is a light brown for now and sticks up.
*I still smile after I sneeze.
*I move around a lot at night while sleeping in my crib. I really like sleeping on my side or belly with my hands under my forehead.
*I am wearing 6-9 month clothes.
*I am in size 2 diapers.
*I still LOVE bath time. I am starting to out grow my bath tub since I am getting so long.
*My acid reflux is the same as last month. I get 2 ml of Prilosec 3 times a day.
*I see Ms. Lisa and Ms. Joan for feeding therapy. I try and go once a week or at least once every two weeks.
*I enjoy going for walks in my stroller.
*I do not like when the sun gets in my eyes.
*I like playing with the telephone and remote.

I now weigh 16 lbs and 1 oz

Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Picture

Here is a recent picture of Uncle Kory, Aunt Kori and Sophie. Love you all!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Me and Sophie

Here are a few pictures of me and Sophie in our matching outfits. My Mommy and Daddy gave Sophie her Atlanta Braves dress (Uncle Kory and Pawpaw LOVE the Braves) and Mawmaw gave both of us our 4th of July outfits!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 4th

Over the July 4th holiday, we went to the lake. Grandma, Granddaddy, Uncle Skip, Aunt Trisha, Jarrett, Brian, Melissa, Logan, and Austyn were all there. It was too hot outside for me to be out for long periods of time. We had a great time being together. I hope you all had a great holiday. Here are just a few pictures of us there.

Monday, July 18, 2011


My Mommy and Daddy are so funny!!! They make me laugh and smile ALL the time!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Uncle Kory's Surprise Party

Aunt Kori planned a surprise birthday party back on July 9th for Uncle Kory since he was turning 30!!! It was a pool party at their friend's house. Uncle Kory was SUPER surprised - he had no idea! Here are a few pictures from that night.