Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meeting Bensen

I finally got to meet Bensen last weekend. Mommy and daddy are good friends with his mommy and daddy. We actually live right beside each other and our bedroom windows are right across from each other. Mommy says we will grow up and be the best of friends. I did not understand why Bensen was bigger than me, but mommy explained that Bensen is almost 1 year old and I'm only 10 weeks old. When I get bigger Bensen will teach me all of his tricks! We had fun hanging out together and look forward to many more play dates together!

I am looking at Sherry wondering what is going on........Bensen is wanting to say hi by touching me.

I think Bensen is trying to sit with me in my Bumbo seat. He has one just like it. I'm looking at mommy wondering what I should do.

Lake House

Me and grandpa at the lake house. I look forward to many weekends spent there playing and learning to fish with him and daddy. Check out the fog on the lake. It was pretty cool!


Me and daddy taking a nap together

I am awake and waiting on daddy to put my paci back in, but he is not. Come on daddy...wake up and hook me up with my paci!!!

Happy 2011

So mommy is a little behind on posting pictures of me...she says sorry about that. We did celebrate the new year and took pictures. We went to the lake house and spent the evening with daddy's parents...aka grandma and granddaddy. I took a little nap leading up to midnight, but I was wide awake and hungry to ring in 2011! It was a special night for mommy and daddy since we celebrated our first New Years Eve as a family! Mommy even cried a little! We want to wish everyone out there a wonderful 2011! I hope it is the best year yet for you all! I plan to have a fantastic 2011. Mommy says I will achieve lots of things like rolling over, crawling, walking, eating solid foods, and even talking!!! Sooo excited! She even says I will sleep through the night (which she hopes comes sooner than later)!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Acid Reflux

Mommy and daddy took me back to the doctor today and the doctor officially diagnosed me with Acid Reflux. I have been trying to tell mommy and daddy for weeks now that I was spitting up and then swallowing it and sometimes I would go ahead and spit it out. On Sunday, my voice (crying) was raspy and hoarse from all the acid in my throat. So, the doctor prescribed me some medicine called Adix which is like baby Zantac. I have to take it twice a day before I eat. I sure hope it helps me feel better! That acid really burns my throat and makes me fussy so I tend to cry a lot. I tried to make it up to mommy and daddy so I went 6 hours between feedings last night which means I slept about 4 1/2 hours. They were sooo happy this morning when they realized they got some good deep sleep. I will try and do it again tonight for them! Love you mommy and daddy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 month's old

Let's I turn 2 months old!!! To celebrate mommy and daddy (he came home early from work) took me to the doctor for a check up. Mommy had been telling me all morning that the nurses were going to check my weight and length and then give me shots. She warned me they would hurt and that I would cry. Lets just say mommy was right! I had to get 3 shots...2 in my left thigh and 1 in my right. I also had to drink one of the vaccines which I handled really well. The nurse told mommy and daddy that it supposedly tasted sweet and salty like Gatorade. I liked it and drank it all. I did not even spit up and the nurse said most babies that are 2 months old do spit up. Mommy and daddy were so proud of me! After that it was time for the dreaded needles. I did not know what was coming, but mommy and daddy held my hands as I layed on the table. All of a sudden I felt a big prick...then another...then another!!! I immediately started crying or I should probably say screaming!!! It hurt REALLY bad, but the pain went away pretty quickly. I only cried for about a minute and I got these really cool silver band aids! Daddy took pictures (mommy told him to of course) during the appointment. Oh...I almost forgot...I now weigh 8 pounds and 10 ounces!!!! I am 21 inches long too!!! I am becoming such a big boy or chunky monkey as mommy and daddy say!!! I am off to Target with my mommy and daddy now!

Check out the weight on the scale...that's right!!! 8 pounds and 10 ounces!!! I am showing you my silver band aid in the picture on the right.

You have to look hard, but here is the band aid on my other leg. Then mommy took this picture to show everyone that I really was content after the shots were finished and I was dressed.

Happy little guy and ready to head back home!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My adventures today

Today was another big day for me. I got to go with mommy to her work. She had to print off her report cards for her students so I got to tag along. She did not take me to her classroom (she said we would go another time), but I did get to meet a lot of her teacher friends. They all said how cute I was and that I was getting bigger! I basically slept the whole time, but Julia did give me a bottle. It was fun to see mommy's school and I look forward to meeting her students next time we go.

Christmas with mommy's family

We finally were able to celebrate Christmas in Winston with mommy's family and it was great spending time with Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Aunt Kristy, Uncle Kent, Jordan, and my Aunt Kori and Uncle Kory. I also got to meet all their doggies...Charly REALLY liked me and he tried to smell me the whole time we were there. When I cried he would come over and try to comfort me. Mawmaw and Pawpaw thought it was really cute! I got lots of toys that mommy and daddy said I would get to play with in a few months and I also got diapers. Thanks again to everyone for all the 'loot' (that's what Mawmaw Deck calls her presents)! It was a great first Christmas and I look forward to many, many more!!! Daddy took lots of pictures so check them out below.

Check out the stockings that Pawpaw got for me and my new cousin Sophie. She should be here at the end of March. I can not wait to play with her and teach her all my tricks!!

I thought these were cute pictures of me. See how I can sit in my Bumbo seat. Mommy has to hold my neck a little still, but I am getting alot better at sitting up!

This is the hat that mommy and daddy gave to Sophie for Christmas, but I had to try it on first! Uncle Kory and Aunt Kori are big Wake Forest Demon Deacon fans!

Here I am with Mawmaw, Pawpaw, and mommy

Here I am with momm'y family and then Uncle Kory is giving Sophie kisses inside Aunt Kori's belly. Daddy used to do that to me all the time and I LOVED it!!!

Me and Pawpaw with our Santa hats on!