Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Care

Mommy came early one day to pick me up from daycare and she took a few pictures of me playing in the gym area.  She hopes to get some better pictures soon from daycare.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pawpaw's Birthday

Today is Pawpaw's birthday!  Me, Mommy and Daddy headed to Winston to spend the weekend with him.  We went out to lunch to celebrate and came back to his house for cake and ice cream - YUMMY!!!  I love cake and ice cream!  I even got to play with some tissue paper which is always super fun!  Uncle Kory, Aunt Kori, Sophie, Aunt Kristy, Uncle Kent, Jordan and Mawmaw were all there!  It was great seeing everyone and playing with them all!

Are they singing for us Sophie???
Yay!!!  Cake!!!
Sophie is learning to walk now.
Look at all her teeth!  She has 8 and I only have 4.
Sophie liked helping Pawpaw open his presents.
I LOVE tissue paper!  It makes the coolest sound!
Sophie likes it too!  She tore all of hers into small pieces.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

South Carolina Vacation

Me, Mommy and Daddy took our first vacation as a family of three from February 18-25. We headed to Murrell's Inlet in South Carolina which is right outside of Myrtle Beach.  Pawpaw met us down there the same day that we arrived, but Mawmaw came a few days later because she was taking care of Mawmaw Deck.  We were all super excited to enjoy this time together, but the night we got there Mommy got sick.  She picked up the nasty bug that I had the day before we left.  I was only sick for 24 hours, but Mommy was sick for 2 days.  She had to go to the ER twice to get medicine and IV fluids.  Daddy and Pawpaw got a little sick too.  It wasn't the way we wanted to start the vacation, but we made the best of it.  These pictures were taken on our first day there.  Me, Daddy and Pawpaw went out exploring while Mommy stayed in bed.

Look over there.....
I saw a seagull - mine - mine - mine
Which way did he go???
I'm so tired from bringing in this big ole tuna
Check out what I landed
This is the pirate I met.  His name is Davey.
He let me touch his sword.

SC Vacation - Having Fun

This is what happens when you leave a bathroom door open. This was Mawmaw and Pawpaw's bathroom and Pawpaw didn't close the door. Well, he only forgot once because I had a ball pulling all the toilet paper down!!!


For my big debut in Myrtle Beach, I learned to shag - even added a clap! All Mommy and Daddy had to do was unleash me to the screened in-porch! It pretty much came natural to me while shagging on the boulevard!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SC Vacation - PJ Day

Since Mommy was still sick (she was sick for 2 whole days) Daddy let me stay in my pj's for longer than usual. We had the best time playing in the condo together while poor Mommy laid in bed!

Missing Mommy

While Mommy was at the hospital for the second time, me and Daddy were hanging out at the condo. I was missing her really bad and calling for her. Daddy brought out the video camera so we could show Mommy when she got back. We wanted her to feel better!


SC Vacation - Boardwalk Visit

Since Mommy was all better and not in the hospital anymore, we headed out for a fun afternoon at the Boardwalk. It was a sunny and warm day as we took a ride on the Ferris Wheel. It was my first time on a Ferris Wheel and it was great! Afterwards me, Mommy, Daddy and Pawpaw took a walk along the beach and took in the sights.  This was also Valentine's Day so Happy Heart Day to the BEST Mommy and Daddy and Family I could ever want!!!  Love you all!

Daddy - please explain to me how this thing works.
Ok Mommy - Daddy explained it all so we can go now.
This is pretty cool you guys.
What did you say?  We only get to go around twice?
Thanks Mommy, Daddy & Pawpaw for bringing me here.
 This is awesome!
Wow - we are really high up!
Afterwards I got to play on these cool chairs.
Just chillin - this is the best!

SC Vacation - Ferris Wheel Ride

Here is a video of my first every Ferris Wheel ride. As you know by now we were in South Carolina on our first family vacation. We were super high and got a beautiful view of the beach!


SC Vacation - Aquarium

It rained on one of our vacation days so we decided to head to the aquarium.  Surprisingly it wasn't too crowded which was nice.  I had a blast walking around and climbing up and down the stairs, but the best part was the cool fish slide!  I could have played on it  for forever!  Daddy wished I liked seeing all the fish the best.  He even tried to tell me all their names, but I wasn't really interested.  I tried to explain that I just wanted to play and that next year I would be more interested in learning about all the fish!  I hope he understood!

This is going to be so much fun!  Come on guys!
This slide was by far my favorite part of the aquarium!
Daddy this is so cool.  What did you say it was?
Hey Mawmaw - do you see these fishies
Here fishy - fishy - fishy
Mommy there is a shark above your head - oh my goodness!
Mommy and Pawpaw 
Check that out Mommy - a shark!
I was getting super sleepy by the end of the aquarium trip
so Mommy gave me my paci.