Friday, June 29, 2012

Discovery Kids

This morning me and Mommy went to visit her friend Jodi and her two little boys Sam and Ben.  After playing for a while there we set out to meet Mawmaw, Aunt Kori and Sophie at Discovery Kids Place in Huntersville.  Mommy thought I would nap in the car on the way to meet them, but I didn't.  So basically I went all day without a nap!  Not the best thing for me and Mommy!  We still had fun though!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surprise Daddy!

Today Daddy had a HUGE surprise while he was at work!  He was in a meeting with his team when Mommy, Grandma, Granddaddy and lots of his co-workers rushed in and yelled 'surprise'!  It was to honor Daddy for working at SAS for 20 years!  Wow!  That's a long time!  He started when he was 16 and worked as a dishwasher!  He is now an IT manager - way to go Daddy!  I know I wasn't at the party (it was nap time for me so I stayed at daycare), but I'm proud of you Daddy!  I love you!

What a huge cake.  The picture is of Daddy's
2nd badge.
Look at how red Daddy's face is!!!
Checking out some pictures of Daddy over the years!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daycare Pictures

Mommy sent a camera to daycare for a few days and Ms. Teresa, Ms. Liz and JuJu (Ms. Julia) took a couple of pictures for me.  Mommy really wanted to see what things look like during the day while she is at work.  Well Mommy - here you go!

Nap time at daycare is sleeping on a cot.
This is where Ms. Liz displays all of our art work.
This is one of the playgrounds at my school.  This one
is right outside my room.
This is a play area in my room.
Snack time - yum yum!
This is a big room with all kinds of playing equipment.  This
is where Daddy drops me off in the mornings
and picks me up in the afternoons.
Holding the dust pan to help clean up.
Sweeping after snack time.  We all have to help
clean up once it's over.  Gotta love
the one shoe on and one off!

Snack at Daycare

Here is a video of me having snack at daycare.  Mommy came to pick me up early one day so she got to see me eating.  What you guys will not see because Mommy was not videoing - once I was done eating, I dumped my cup of milk on the floor and swiped my teddy grahams on the floor too.  Mommy was not happy with me and my teacher JuJu made me clean it up.  I am trying to be better at my table manners, but it's just so hard.  It's way more fun to dump my milk!

Fun at Daycare

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Dada ever!!!  I love you so much!  Thanks for always playing with me and teaching me so many new things!  My favorite thing to do with you is play with my 're-rod' or as you call it 'fishing rod'.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy & Devyn

A few days ago (June 17th) was Daddy and my cousin Devyn's birthdays.   Daddy turned 36 and Devyn turned 9.  Most of Daddy's side of the family went over to Grandma and Granddaddy's house to celebrate.  We all had dinner, dessert (YUMMY), and then it was present time.  I got to help Daddy pull off the wrapping paper for his presents!  That was pretty fun!  We all then went outside (which I love being outside) and I played a little golf with my cousin Cole.

Sitting in a family high chair that has been
passed down for many years.
Just chillin in a rocking chair watching
Meme (Mickey Mouse).
Mommy sat with me while everyone else ate dinner.
The birthday girl and boy
Devyn with her Daddy...aka Uncle Mike
Daddy got special glasses with fish on them.  That's
Grandma with him and her friend Ms. Brenda.
Here is Grandma with 2 of my cousins - Cole and Jarrett
Uncle Mike with his girlfriend Sandy and Cole and Devyn.
I'm trying to figure out what these are.  They were Daddy's
 birthday presents from Mommy, Grandma and Granddaddy.
Where did that golf ball go?
Me and my cousin Devyn.  She is watching
 Meme with me.