Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bye Bye Mawmaw Deck

Mawmaw Deck has to leave today to head back to Memphis.  Mawmaw is taking her back.  I am so sad to see them both leave.  We have had a fun time together.  I know Mommy is sad too because Mawmaw has been feeding me once at night to let Mommy sleep!  I am already looking forward to seeing them again!  Thanks for coming to visit me (and Brayden)!

I was clearly not happy here, but Brayden sure was

4 Generations 
A Brayden sandwich with Mawmaw and Mawmaw Deck
Hahahaha!!!  Kisses!!!

My big brother trying to calm me down.
I was done with pictures for one day &
ready for a nap.

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