Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dr. Smith and Nurse Amy

I mentioned early that Nurse Amy also helped deliver Brayden, so Mommy was super excited that out of all the nurses at Wake Med Hospital that we got so lucky to have her again!  Mommy said she really thinks the only reason she was still able to get an epidural after being dilated to 10 cm was because of Amy!  She had everything all set up for Dr. Smith to walk right in and administer it!  Thank goodness for Mommy!!  I could hear her moaning in pain while I was waiting to come out of her belly.

Dr. Smith was the one doctor that Mommy saw the most during the pregnancy.  She told Daddy early on that she bet Dr. Smith (he works at Kamm McKenzie OBGYN) would be the doctor who delivered me and she was right!  He is super nice and funny!  He likes to tell jokes which make Mommy laugh!

As a team they did a great job getting me out safely and quickly!  I came pretty fast once we were at the hospital - I was out of Mommy's tummy within an hour and a half!

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