Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 3 - Big Brother Snuggles

Daddy went home to get some sleep and be with Brayden while Mommy and Mawmaw stayed with me in the hospital last night.  It was a VERY long night for all of us.  I cried a lot and didn't sleep much.  I'm not really sure why I did all that although Mommy thinks I had some acid reflux going on.

The doctors say that I may get to go home today!!!  I am not sure exactly what all that means for me, but Mommy and Daddy seem pretty excited about it!  

Once Daddy and Brayden arrived back at the hospital this morning, Brayden immediately wanted to snuggle and give me kisses - which I loved!

Our family hand shot

I love being in my big brother's arms

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